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What Keeps You Up At Night?

As of September 21st, we entered into a new season. My personal favorite, Fall.

When I lived in Georgia, I loved to see the Fall Colors, feel the crisp air, and watch the preparations and decorations for the upcoming holiday season.

With the Fall, the night comes earlier, and the mornings are brighter.

For some even though we have one more hour to sleep, we still don’t get enough because there are things that keep us up at night.

So, while some love this season for all the reasons I shared including that extra hour, for others the extra hour doesn’t mean a thing. The holiday season is just another time of year, and the crisp air irritates because they know the cold is just around the corner.

Negative things are keeping them up at night. On episode 5, I spoke about clarity and truth helping to dissolve the clouds of fear, insecurities and excuses that block our view of our visions.

Now let’s go even deeper. The cloud of fear will almost always be attached to the cloud of doubt.

The negativity of doubt keeps many up at night when it comes to fulfillment.

If you are working on something big, getting a degree, starting business, getting a license that allows you to go further in your career….

Whatever that thing is, fear will cause you to doubt your ability to fulfill that goal.

Doubt clings to the cloud of insecurity and broadens the cloud of excuses.

Excuses make us feel better. You can end up saying to yourself, “Since, I don’t have the money to invest in getting the license, I feel better about not getting the license.”

You know there are things you can do and the assistance you can get, but that brings more work. You rather just lean on the excuse and temporarily feel better. It works for the moment, but it won’t last.

I prefer the positive things that keep me up at night.

As a creative, I love when a story comes to mind or an idea for a show or my JIP Inspiration Moment. I love when I am inspired to create. I love when I am working on something I love to do and cannot sleep until I finish what I am doing.

I love when I am listening or reading something that keeps me up because it is speaking to me, or it is such a great story, encouraging me or inspiring me.

So, what keeps you up at night? Is it positive or negative? If it is negative, what can you do to turn it around?

In thinking of the examples, I shared about the cloud of fear being attached to the cloud of doubt. And the cloud of doubt keeping you up because of the fear of unfulfillment.

Then doubt clinging to the cloud of insecurity which broadens the cloud of excuses.

You can turn all of this around by using what I spoke about in episode 5. Dissolve the clouds with truth, clarity and on this episode, I will add movement.

The truth that you are created to fulfill your life’s purpose and passions and that you have the resources to get it done can dissolve the clouds.

The clarity of who you are and your why can do the same.

Your movement will act as the final solvent because you are now moving forward and passing through any other clouds blocking your view of your ultimate vision.

Don’t go around the cloud, pass right through it. Your actions are the solvent. The clouds will dissolve around you.

Studying when you are tired. Working extra hours and saving so you can have the money for the license and speaking positive and against the negative thoughts so you can go to sleep at night and get your rest.

These are solvent actions.

So, what is keeping you up at night?

Are these thoughts depleting you and creating clouds of fear, doubt, insecurities, and excuses?

Or are they positive thoughts that add to your journey and increase movement that brings you closer to your ultimate vision?

I encourage you to have positive thoughts during that extra hour we gained at night during this season and then get your rest. You will need it with the addition of your increased movement in this new season and beyond.

As always, I wish you great success on your journeys into your passions.

Anika S.

Host of Journey Into Passion with Anika As. On Everyday Folks Radio

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