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What Is PARG and How Can It Help?

Remember this acronym –PARG

Looks and sounds strange but each letter represents something important on this part of our journey as we prep for next. Let’s take a look at what I mean.

Prayer – If you are trying to figure out your next steps ask the One Who created you. God is the only one who knows what will happen after we get through this period of dealing with the COVID virus. And bonus… HE knows you the best. Get your answers through prayer and allow for some quiet time so you can hear from God.

Acknowledgement – Acknowledge the answers you will receive and your true journey. Together we have already been down the list of finding out our why, who, what, how and when on past shows and posts which have helped us understand what our true journey is. Now it is time to acknowledge what we already know and what we will learn when we pray.

Responsibility – Take responsibility for what you learn by taking action. This action is the prep. We are prepping for the next period after this difficult time ends. Our actions will help us accomplish the final step which is the G in the acronym.

Growth – We cannot remain the same when this period ends. We need to do the work so we can grow and that growth should be visible and audible. You and others need to be able to see and hear how much you have grown by the actions you have taken and your new mindset.

It will be great if you lose some weight and people can see you have been working out. It will be even better if people can receive inspiration from what you learned on this new journey. That is an example of growth. Your growth is not just for you. Use it to inspire and encourage others as well as provide great resources that will in turn help them grow.

So here are, day one of a new month. Welcome to the Prepping for Next Series and make sure you tune in on May 9th at 3pm

EST as I share more on this entire process. The ultimate goal is to realize your greatest passions which will allow you to fulfill your life’s purpose. Now is the time to get ourselves ready for this realization. Let’s Prep For Next!

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