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What If...

What if nothing was standing in your way? No financial or physical restraints. You can just move forward and do what ever you wanted. Go wherever you wanted to go. What would you do first? Where would you go?

This seems like a nice fantasy but we if we could make it a reality?

Most of the time we think about the big things. I know I do. I think about becoming debt free, retiring my mom, getting a personal trainer and nutritionist, working my dream career, and taking a 30-day vacation with a butler and maid on board. I think about buying the home and car of my dreams, going on a major shopping spree. I think about the incredible feeling of never having to do anything I don’t want to again in life.

Then I wake up. Or do I?

Is it really necessary to completely put these kinds of dreams aside? They may not come within the next year or look exactly the way we envisioned them, but many things can become a reality if we put in the work.

The great thing about having online career options is that it opens a whole new world of opportunities that we never had before.

It will take a lot of work, but the results would be worth it if we could get to the point of living the life we always dreamed of living.

Don’t throw away the big dreams. Some or all of those things can become a reality if you believe in your God given gifts and you work to always go to the next level.

Not everyone thinks about this, but if you are one of the people that do and you have had visions of yourself living it, then go for it. Even if you dreamt of becoming a billionaire and end up as a multimillionaire, I think you will take that reality. I know I would.

The point is, never to give up on the big dreams just because they seem unreal. What if they are real and God is waiting for you to put in the work to get there. Wouldn’t you be devistated at the end of your life if you realize this, and you stopped trying too soon? I know I would, so I ain’t stopping!

Wishing you great success on your journey into your passions,

Anika S. Madison

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