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Well, It’ Happened…Now What?

You have started and stopped at least 50 times. You wondered what would happen if you tried too soon. Maybe even wondered what would happen if you ever tried again. Maybe this is a sign you should wait. Maybe it is a sign you should stop.

It’s that moment you try to avoid even though you have no proof it will go from an event in your mind to an actual event. If you are like me, you pushed back event dates, talked yourself out of moving forward and even had a few thoughts of ending something important to you because you were afraid of what could occur.

I had a fear that ended up coming true. So, the next question is, now what?

The way I see it, there are three I need to consider. There are also three questions that need answers.

1. How does this affect my journey going forward?

2. Can I use this as a learning tool for myself and inspiration for someone else?

3. Can I try again? If not, why? If so, why?

There are also three questions that need answers.

1. Now that the dreaded thing has happened, how can I avoid it happening again?

2. How can I use this experience as a resource for the next time I feel it may happen again?

3. How do I move forward from here?

Join me on June 5th at 3pm EST for my next broadcast of Journey Into Passion with Anika S. on Everyday Folks Radio. We will explore these questions and I will answer the big question you probably have right now. What in the world happened? I promise, I will tell you.

For now, you know what I always write.

As always, I wish you great success on your Journey Into Your Passions.

Take care,

Anika S. Madison

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