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The Writer's Discouragement Turned Spotlight

It is so easy to get discouraged as a writer.

You can become discouraged when you have writer's block.

You can feel discouraged when the work you put your heart and soul into may not get published due to financial constraints.

You can even get discouraged after the work has been published when all that hard work seems to go to waste due to low sales. But I can tell you, low sales don't tell the whole story.

I am encouraged by those who tell me the book helped them or when I am told this is what is needed right now. I am encouraged when someone wants to interview me like Billy Jones on his show BJSpeaks or offer an online interview like the one you can see in the link on Zorina Frey's 45 Magazine Women's Literary Journal Magazine at I am grateful to have been chosen. The publication is available for purchase on Amazon under the title of the magazine.

It doesn't take thousands to remind you that your work matters. You have to know it and the confirmation of a few can make all the difference.

Thank you to everyone who has posted a review, let me know how the book has been helpful and offered to spotlight me and my work. I am not discouraged. I am grateful.

Here's to writers! Keep writing!

I wish you all great success.

Anika S.

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