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The Light Cannot Be Dimmed

Brother Floyd violently lost his life and the eyes of the world saw his last agonizing moments. No amount of pleading by brother Floyd or the people standing only a few feet away would sway the policeman to get off his neck. Their words didn't even move the other 3 officers who were also at the scene. Unfortunately brother Floyd would not be the first to experience a violent end to his life in this manner. As we watched in horror, many of us thought of Eric Garner uttering the very same words, "I Can't Breathe."

Some of you reading this may wonder why I refer to him as brother Floyd. Because he is our brother. If you are a Christian, he is our brother in Christ. If you are African American, he is our brother in race. If you saw his video, you will know he is our brother in the fight for equality and an end to gun violence. This man was described as a gentle giant, loving father, great friend, protector and loving son who did not have a mean bone in his body. Yet the day is life was viciously taken, he was seen as a threat even though he did not resist. All he wanted to do was be allowed to keep breathing.

The world celebrated our brother's life yesterday and Al Sharpton's powerful words will echo in our memory for years to come. For years African Americans have always just wanted a chance without a knee on our neck. We want to breathe.

We don't want to fear the police, we want to breathe. We don't want to be mistaken as a threat, we want to breathe. We don't want to want doors slammed on us, we want to breathe. We don't want to see our progress destroyed, we want to breathe. We don't want to return to Jim Crow days, we want to breathe.

Brother Floyd deserved the chance to breathe and live his life without having a target on his back. But one thing those cops could not do was dim his light. The world has taken to the streets, cops and health care workers are taking a knee, people of all races have come together and the world celebrated his home going. His life meant something to so many and he will always be remembered as a light in this world. Darkness tried to dim that light but the wick just won't go out and it never will.

God Bless You Brother Floyd. Rest Well.

Anika S.

#JusticeForFloyd #Wearedonedying #Icantbreathe

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