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Prep For Next

There will be a time after this crisis. Are you prepared for that?

This is a great time to get ready. Some of you have more time on your hands to really think about what your life should look like after this crisis. Some of you may make some major changes. Your life may not look the same. You may be thinking about all of the things that need to change. Well...

Now is the time to prep for the changes. What needs to change in your life? What is standing in the way of accomplishing the big goals? What is blocking your view of your dreams? Make a list and make plans that will relieve you from the outcome you always dread and expect to the outcome you desire.

Stay tuned...I got a show coming up about this. Oh and check out my media category on this site for past shows and what's coming up.

Always wishing you great success on your journey into your passions.

-Anika S.

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