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Life's Journey and the Major Change

Updated: May 8, 2021

Life’s journey can look like many different things.

When you are happy…

It can look like your favorite path. A long stretch of white powdery sand meeting the gentle waves of crystal blue waters. Or a lush field decorated with your favorite color.

When you are going through something…

It can be a roller coaster with so many twists and turns, you can find yourself hanging on for dear life at every height and every turn. Or It can be a long road winding road with no road signs and no end.

Then there are those moments when something unexpected happens that could change everything. What is your first response? Do you automatically accept and make changes immediately? Or do you write down pros and cons of change?

Do you pray about it or do you just go with your gut?

What if the changes take you away from your current journey and away from your most important work? What then?

Recent events have me thinking about these things and more.

On a future episode of Journey Into Passion with Anika S. on Everyday Folks Radio, I will be sharing my thoughts and I invite you to do the same. Stay tuned for the show date.

Please share your thoughts through email at or you can call into the show during the broadcast at 347-539-5372.

I haven’t been blogging for a while, but I am back. More weekly blogs to come starting Monday, April 5th.

Journey Into Passion with Anika S. Podcast will return on 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 3pm EST with a special Anniversary show on May 15th. Stay tuned for other show dates.

As always, I wish you great success on your Journey Into Your Passions!

Anika S. Madison

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