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These past few weeks I have been feeling stuck. Writers who are reading this can definitely identify with this feeling.

The blank page at 1pm gets worse at 4pm. You stare, you attempt to write, you leave, you come back and the page is still blank. You do this a few more times until you just cannot take it anymore and you either quit or go back the next day. The next day is the same and so is the next and the next. What is happening? What will it take to change this?

This week I got my answer and my 2nd book began. I cannot wait to share this book. Stay tuned for more details.

For now I will share this.

When it comes to your passion, quitting is never going to be the right response. A change of scenery, seeking inspiration from those doing what you want to do...these are the right responses.

Know this. Just because you give up now, doesn't mean the dream dies. The dream will live inside of you whether you keep going or not. The dream can either become and remain a constant nightmare or with a lot of work mature into an awesome reality. The choice is yours.

Be inspired to go back and try again.

Anika S. Madison

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