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Hello and Welcome to my New Site

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

I am glad you are here. On this website, I want you to see what it looks like when you go from the beginning of a journey towards the finish line. I will be sharing my own journey and the journeys of others who are also realizing or have realized their own passions. On this website, future books, freelance writing, blogs, speaking engagements and on my podcast, Journey Into Passion With Anika S. on Everyday Folks Radio you will find great life lessons, inspiration, resources and encouragement. Consider my radio show and website to be a great resource as you and I progress towards realizing our passions.

I also have a heart for caregivers and wrote my first book "Step By Step Caregivers Guide For Medical Appointments and Hospital Visits" which is now available on Amazon Kindle. You will be seeing even more resources for caregivers in the upcoming months.

I wish you great success on your journey into your passions.

Anika S.

Published Author, Podcaster, Inspirational Speaker, Freelance Writer, Screenwriter, Playwright and Blogger.

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