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Celebrating Juneteenth and the Chains That Continue To Break Today

Today as we celebrate the broken chains of slavery that continued to beat down an entire race of human beings, we also celebrate the current broken chains that have oppressed that same race of people hundreds of years later.

On June 19th 1865, slaves gained their freedom but the black race would have to continue to fight to gain full rights as citizens of the country they built on their backs. Today we are still fighting and once again gaining momentum with the following:

1. Breonna Taylor’s Law which put an end to the No Knock Warrants that took her life

Police Choke Hold Bans

2. Changes in the Long Kept Secrets of Police Officers with Histories of Brutality

3. Confederate Statues Coming Down

4. People Coming Together to Fight Inequality and Support One Another


5. A Real Understanding of the Need for Black Lives Matter and Taking a Knee

We understand we have a ways to go, but we celebrate how far we have come. Each time the stone wall of racism, bigotry and hate gets chipped away, is a cause for celebration. We can never pause until the wall has crumbled but we should celebrate the accomplishments of the heroes in our history and the heroes of today.

Happy Juneteenth. May this day always be celebrated and that stone wall of racism, bigotry and hate continue to fall.

Anika S.

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