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Are There Lessons In This Part 2

Here are two more lessons concerning giving and money. I have always been a giver so I learned a long time ago that “God loves a cheerful giver” 2 Corinthians 9:6-7 and you will reap from what you sow.

1. If you are still blessed to be earning your full income and working from home or doing your part to practice social distancing, think about the money you would have spent on gas, going out or ordering breakfast, lunch and or dinner (some have done all 3). Think about the money you spent getting your favorite lattes or going on your weekly shopping spree.

Put some of that money away in savings and the rest can go to help someone else. I am telling you from experience, when you bless others it comes back to you in many ways. Let’s look out for one another. There are no shortages of ways to bless others. Here are some options. Over time, try to give to all. I know I am. NOTE: Don’t give to your own detriment. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and your family and have a full understanding of what you can afford.

1. Increase your tithes and offerings to your church and your Pastor.

2. Find one person to bless weekly ($10, $30…whatever you can afford).

3. Donate to your local food bank

4. Donate to local organizations giving to first responders and health care workers

5. Donate to no child hungry

6. Donate to small businesses. Small black owned businesses really need your help.

2. If you haven’t before, create a spreadsheet and keep track of your money. Think about the times you went through your paycheck and thought, where did my money go?

Now is an important time to understand how you are spending your money, what needs to come off of your spending list and what needs to be added.

If you have questions on finances, don’t worry. I got you. Say with me because I am working on getting some financial experts to come on the show. Until then, do the basics. Track your spending.

As always I wish you great success on your journeys!

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